Apps Lock Pro [ Full Version]

Get App Lock Pro to lock specific apps on your BlackBerry device with a password! Protected with a Lock Password, you can deny others from using and accessing the specified app. With this Pro version, you will be able to set presets and even select multiple apps for locking!

Hear a cool sound effect after you enter your password, whether it is right or wrong, it will be sure to surprise you. Get the Free, Lock app and protect your most valuable apps now!

– Ability to lock multiple apps at once
– Easily lock the specified app(s)
– Active presets to allow specific people to use the lock function or to allow specified apps to be locked.
– Set a secure password of your choice (4+ characters)
– Cool sound effects for right and wrong password attempts

Once you get App Lock Pro, the free Lock apps become invalid on your device.

Software Support Code:
Smartphone: 6.0.0 or higher+

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Apps Lock Pro [Full Version]