Module Recycle v1.0 [Full Version ]

Module Recycle

Module Recycle-1

Module Recycle-2

If you feel your phone become slow, maybe it just needs to be cleaned. As we know, Some app are not been completely uninstalled are still stay in your phone. Now with Module Recycle, you could clean your phone conveniently.

Case Study: Run Module Recycle, all the modules of the app installed at your phone will be listed, no modules will be missed, then please select the one you do not use or which was not completely uninstalled, do delete.

1. Could index all modules, even for the ones difficult to find or installed;
2. Completely uninstall, make your phone become fast;
3. Easy to operate, even you are fresh at BlackBerry, no difficult.

To activate the theme after successfully downloading: Navigate to Options – Theme – Select the desired Theme and activate. To uninstall a theme plz delete it in the application list.

Download Here:

Module Recycle v1.0 [Full Version ]

Email ++ v2.5.5 [Full Version]

Unlock the full potential of your BlackBerry® email experience today with Email++

Email ++

Email ++-1

Email ++-2

A fully integrated graphical toolbar for the native BlackBerry Email app with features such as Convert To, Forward/Reply with Edit, Unsend, Priority, Block/Filter, Templates, Auto Get Imges, My Availability and My Location.

Email++ also features Microsoft Outlook like Message Preview no matter on which screen (including the Homescreen) you are on.

Tired of fragmented plugins that show up as mere menu items in the email app and are hard to find and use?
This is the last and only email plugin you would ever need and love email like never before.

Download Here:

Email ++ v2.5.5 [Full Version]

MessageSchedule v2.0.1[Full Version]

MessageSchedule is a unique application which allows BlackBerry® users to prepare SMS and E-mail messages in advance and schedule them for automatic delivery at any date & time.





– Create, view, edit and deleted scheduled SMS and E-mail messages.
– Send an SMS or E-mail at a specified time.
– Record the sizes and number of SMS and E-mail messages sent.
– Keep track of the total cost of all SMS and E-mail messages which have been sent with MessageSchedule.
– Schedule a reply or forward easily from the BlackBerry® SMS and E-mail application. – Create message templates for quick scheduling of previously scheduled messages.
– Schedule messages to be sent out regularly on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

How it works MessageSchedule is a unique application which allows BlackBerry® users to prepare SMS and E-mail messages in advance and schedule them for automatic delivery at any date & time.

Use MessageSchedule to maintain a Busy Image At 11:00pm, a business e-mail comes in, although you know the answer right away, nevertheless, you do not want to reply instantly, to show your business partner that you are giving some thought into it before you reply.

With MessageSchedule, you can still write the reply now, however schedule it for sending at 3:00am so that you not actually have to wait until 3:00am to hit send and also your business partner will be impressed that you are still working this late at night.

Support Code:

BlackBerry OS V6.0 And Above

Download Here:

MessageSchedule v2.0.1[Full Version]

Smart Contacts Cleaner Pro v2.0

Having duplicate in address book is frequently faced problem. Now no need to worry about duplicates in address book. This app will take care of all your duplicates that are synchronized under different Email ID’s.It applies advanced filtering rules to ensure perfect filtering and merging of contacts.Smart Contacts Cleaner Pro-PROHP.NET

Smart Contacts Cleaner Pro-2


* Merge contacts on the basis of advanced filtering rules applied on attributes like Name, Email, Number and PIN.
* Create backup of all the contacts synchronized under different email ID.
* Shows merge summary after cleaning.
* Includes Merge basket : No need to restore all address book. Restore contact you want to.
* Opt for Custom and Advanced filtering mode.
* Restore backup any time.
* Schedule Cleaner to automatically clean address book.
* No information lost in contacts.

Download Here:

Smart Contacts Cleaner Pro v2.0



Photo Collage v1.1

Photo Collage a heap of cool photo effects to express your creativity!! 🙂 Make your photo look creative in seconds and set it as a contact icon, a phone wallpaper or send a signed virtual postcard to a friend! Of course you can instantly share it to any social network!

Photo Collage-

Photo Collage-1-

Photo Collage-2-

Photo Collage-3-

Photo collage: browse through our extensive photo collage collection and pick one to create a wonderful picture of you and your friend floating together in a sentimental or futuristic setting. Or upload photos of your relatives to create a family photo album in a single picture.

* photo realistic effects like those you find in photofunia: put your face onto museum walls,, in a hot off the magazine cover; airbrush yourself on exclusive canvas or leave your face with hot babes.
* Camera – enables you to take a picture and apply various effects by enhancing your standard camera
* Sharing – quickly share with family and friends using BBM, Facebook, Email or any other photo sharing application
* Text over the picture-add your colorful text in different fonts.
*Rotate image horizontal, vertical and flip.

Download Here:

Photo Collage v1.1

Status Shufler for BBM v1.0

An application for all the BBM™ lovers, who like to stay socially active over the BBM™, For those who wish to flaunt their versatility over BBM™.

Status Shufler for BBM

Status Shufler for BBM-1

Status Shufler for BBM-2

Status Shufler for BBM-3


Status shuffler for BBM™ is an application which allows you to shuffle the BBM™ status on a regular basis. With a complete database of over 1000 quotes from the great poets and philosophers, application gives you a complete chance to express your true feelings over BBM™.

You can also add the status to be as your favorite. With various categories, you can select the categories which you wish to shuffle your status from. Not only the selected, status shuffler allows you to add your own status, and you can shuffle them over the time.

With the simplest of the UI, application is good enough to flaunt your magic over BBM™.

* Large Database
* Various Categories
* Favorite Feature
* Custom status

Support Code:

BlackBerry Os V5.0 And Above

Download Here:

Status Shufler for BBM v1.0


APP: Recycle Bin Pro V3.2 [Full Version]

Recycle Bin Pro-

Recycle Bin Pro-1

Recycle Bin Pro-2

Recycle Bin Pro-3

The recycle Bin stores all your deleted E-mails, Contacts, Tasks, Memo and Events in separate tabs. You can easily find your deleted items and then restore them back.

1. Items included in Recycle Bin are: E-mails, Contacts, Tasks, Memo and Events
2. Stores your deleted items safe
3. Restore your items back with a single click
4. Permanently remove item from the recycle bin
5. Option to permanently remove individual or all


Deleted Emails are restored in Drafts folder due to technical limitations. To find your Email go to the particular Email Account Folder and filter the Drafts from selecting – Filter – Drafts from menu options. Other items can be restored as original items.

Download Here:

APP: Recycle Bin Pro V3.2 [Full Version]