How To Install .Bar Apps In PlayBook

Now we Can Install .BAR App Directly in our BlackBerry® PlayBook while using This    “” Application,First of all We Need DDPB installer once to install The Local Bar App. It is very simple And easy too, Here I have  given Procedures and steps below; App installation Procedure:

1. Download App From

Download App
2. Install the in playBook via DDPB installer.

3. Safely Disconnect & Unplug your playBook From PC

4. Now Download .Bar PlayBook App Files from Here and save The .Bar files somewhere in the PlayBook Mass storage,

5.Make sure on your PlayBook Development Mode is Turned On And enter password (Mandatory)

6. Now open install App in your PlayBook And swipe down in Your playBook top Corner

7. Install Option will appear in playbook Top Corner. Now Click install Button And downloaded the Apps it’ll Appears just Click That App Which we wish to install in our playBook

8. And Type the PlayBook Password

8. Wait for awhile, once Screen popup it gets Sucessfully installed.

9. Click Ok. Now the .bar App  Successfully Installed.

Some Helpful Tips:

Where to download DDPB installer?

How To install .BAR PlayBook Apps Via DDPB installer?

Download App

Team Viewer For Our PlayBook OS 2.0

Team Viewer is a simple and fast solution for remote control, desktop sharing and file transfer that works behind any firewall and NAT proxy. To connect to another computer just run TeamViewer on both machines without the need of an installation procedure. With the first start automatic partner IDs are generated on both computers. Enter your partner’s ID into TeamViewer and the connection is established immediately.

Download Here:

Team Viewer For PlayBook OS2.0

Application And Games For PlayBook OS2.0 Converted apps Android .APK To .BAR



1.3D Screen For Playbook 2.3.7

Download Here

2.50 Pushups For Playbook

Download Here

3.AirHorn HD 1.0.1

Download Here


Download Here

5.American English 1.0.1

Download Here
6.Antair Night Stand Alarm Clock 1.8

Download Here
7.Baterry Guru

Download Here

8.Bed Buzz 1.3.8

Download Here

9.Camera Timer 1.2.2

Download Here
10.Desktop Browser

Download Here

11.Emmanuel Bible Reader 2.4.10

Download Here

12.English Grammar 1.1.1

Download Here

13.English Writing 1.1.1

Download Here

14.Fileshield 2.0

Download Here

15FILM For Playbook (PMDB) 1.1

Download Here

16Finger Print Scan Pro 3.0.4

Download Here

17FLV Player 2.1.0

Download Here

18.Lock Screen Slide To Unlock 1.0.1

Download Here

19.LilPainter 1.8.2

Download Here

20.Music Skins 0.1.5

Download Here


Download Here

22.Password Wallet Pro 1.8.1

Download Here

23.Pencil Camera HD 1.6.9

Download Here

24.Photo Editor 1.3.54

Download Here

25.Talking Hamster 1.0.1

Download Here

26.TV On The Go 1.2.0

Download Here

27.Google Maps

Download Here

28.Google Dekstop 1.0

Download Here

29.Notebook Plus 3 Final 3.3.4

Download Here

30.Phone Story

Download Here


1.Asphalt 6 HD 3.0

Download Here

2.Angry Apes 1.0.18

Download Here

3.Angry Birds HD

Download Here

4.Angry Birds Rio 1.3.2

Download Here

5.Angry Birds Seasons 2.0

Download Here

6.Antair Sudoku

Download Here

7.Ninja Fruit Bash 1.62

Download Here

8.Pinball Deluxe HD

Download Here

9.Spider-Man Total Mayhem HD

Download Here

10.Spider-Man Total Mayhem HD 2.0

Download Here

How To Install .Apk to .Bar Converted Android Apps For PlayBook

Blackberry PlayBook is running successfully in market os version Recently Released BlackBerry® OS 2.0 Version for PlayBook,This Beta version is allow Install Android Apps here I given below Step By step Procedure follow this steps

1.Download DDPB Installer and Run in your desktop

Click To Download DDPB installer

2.Download Java support JRE and run your desktop
Check your system bit 32 or 64
You must install the appropriate version of Java JRE

Download JRE Windows 32 Here

Download JRE for Windows 64 Here

3.We Need to change playbook in Development Mode
GO Settings —► security —► Development Mode ON —► Give Password Mandatory

4.Download .apk to .Bar converted application files from Google

5. Connect your playBook USB Via DDPB installer

10) Type your playBook IP Address And password In DDPB installer

11) Add .bar files in DDPB installer. And click check all And click Run After Finish and click install Button wait few minutes

12) Done your Android Apps All installed

BlackBerry® New Bundle Beta OS 7.1.2XX Released

New OS Bundle Beta Version Released For Our All OS 7.0 BlackBerry® Handhelds.

Download Here:
Blackberry 9360

Blackberry 9380

Blackberry 9790

Blackberry 9810

Blackberry 9860

Blackberry 9900

Action Pad V1.5.3 Application for our BlackBerry® Handheld

ActionPad is a replacement application for the original MemoPad. It provides quick access to memos for boosting your productivity and memo encryption to ensure security.

Core Features:
* Title & Content Search: Start typing and all memos in the current category are searched.

* 1-Click Category Switch: By hitting space on the category selection, you rotate over all categories. It saves tremendous amount of time compared to the filter setup that needs to be done with original BlackBerry® MemoPad™ application.

* Hotkeys: With just one keystroke it is possible to navigate within the memo list, e.g. jump to the top/bottom of the list. More hotkeys increase productivity dramatically.

* Share Memos: No matter if by SMS or Email, every memo can be sent out.

* Memo Encryption: Protecting content is very crucial for a note taking application. ActionPad provides the highest level in security standards that is available. By using AES encryption with a 128 bit key and an MD5 digest your memo data is as secure as the U.S. government’s most confidential data.

* BlackBerry® Integration: Powerful native BlackBerry® integration is crucial for any application that has the goal of boosting the user’s productivity. “Paste to ActionPad”: pastes the clipboard content into a new memo. “Send to ActionPad” converts an Address Book contact, Calendar event, Browser URL, task, SMS, MMS, PIN and email messages to a new memo with just one click.

* Desktop Synchronization: compatible with Microsoft® Outlook®, Entourage®, Entourage® 2008; Apple: OS X Mail Notes™, Stickies Notes™, PocketMac SecureNotes, and more. All memos can be synchronized with the BlackBerry® Desktop Manager, MissingSync or PocketMac.

System Requirement
BlackBerry® OS 5.0 And Above

Download Here:
Action Pad For Our BlackBerry

YoMotion Advance Calculator for Our BlackBerry®

yoMotion Advanced Calculator is the finest calculator available for BlackBerry® smartphones. It features an elegant user interface and state-of-the-art number crunching capabilities.

This best-of-class application is a pleasure to use.

Key Features:

– Bright and beautiful easy-to-use interface.
– Tightly integrated with the BlackBerry® smartphone?track ball support, keypad shortcuts, dynamic menus, copy and paste, and more.
– Over 100 different buttons and nine button layouts.
– Fast, easy unit conversion for length, speed, temperature, volume, and weight?over 150 different units supported.
– Five memory locations.
– Full set of trigonometric functions.
– Twenty common constants built-in.
– Copy and paste to other BlackBerry® applications.
– Support for normal, fixed, scientific, and engineering notations.
– Base conversions to and from binary, octal, decimal, and hexadecimal.
– Automatic conversion to scientific notation for displaying large numbers.
– Work in degrees, radians, or gradians.
– Degrees to decimal conversion.
– On-device help.


– Precise: Operations are performed with maximum 63-bit precision and are correctly rounded. More advanced functions have error bounds of a few ULPs.
– 31-bit internal exponent, allowing for numbers from 2.383×10^-323,228,497 to 4.197×10^323,228,496.
– Handles abnormal numbers: While most calculators return  Error  when a user divides -1 by zero, yoMotion Advanced Calculator returns  -Infinity .
– Exhaustive set of over 100 mathematical and scientific functions.
– Cryptographically strong pseudo-random number generator.
– Normal, scientific, fixed, and engineering output formats.

Nine Button Layouts:

– Standard
– Algebra
– Base Converter
– Constants 1
– Constants 2
– Memory
– Stats & Conversions
– Trigonometry 1
– Trigonometry 2

System Requirements:
BlackBerry® OS 5.0 And Above

Download Here:
Yomotion Advance Calculator