App: Very Busy | Reject Call With SMS

Have you ever been embarassed with a call in a big meeting, a library or sometimes a bathroom?

Would you hang up a phone without any comment or sending a quick note in a nice manner?

VeryBusy helps you as a rescue in an embarassing moment with proper manner.

You can send a prefixed SMS after ignoring a call in just a few clicks.
And also you can add or modify your own text messages for your callers as fit as the situation.

With VeryBusy, keep your business manner tidy and thoughtful no matter what the situation is.

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APP: SMS Archive [Full Version]

SMS Archive is a simple utility to capture and archive all outgoing and incoming SMS text messages. The app runs when your BlackBerry starts so you have nothing to do. The messages are all stored in a file called SmsArchive.txt on the Media Card in the root folder. The app has a simple shortcut to email SmsArchive.txt so you can review the file on a laptop, pc, notebook, or tablet.

Must have installed SDCard and Allow Internet Permissions for Incoming texts

Download Here
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How to view the BBM™ Messages without them knowing “R”

How to view the message In our BBM™ without them knowing “R” and Without using Any third party Application

It’s Very Simple Follow this Tricks Step by Step Procedure

* First We Need to Enable and SAVE Our BBM™Chat History

Procedure Part One:-
1. Open your BBM and click the Blackberry Menu button and select ‘Options’

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the option menu and enable ‘Save Message History’

3. Click the Blackberry button again and ‘Save’.

Procedure Part Two:–

1. Open your BBM Messenger again and highlight the person who sent you the message that you want to read, click the Blackberry button and select ‘View History’.

2. Select today’s date and read the last message sent!