Photo Collage v1.1

Photo Collage a heap of cool photo effects to express your creativity!! 🙂 Make your photo look creative in seconds and set it as a contact icon, a phone wallpaper or send a signed virtual postcard to a friend! Of course you can instantly share it to any social network!

Photo Collage-

Photo Collage-1-

Photo Collage-2-

Photo Collage-3-

Photo collage: browse through our extensive photo collage collection and pick one to create a wonderful picture of you and your friend floating together in a sentimental or futuristic setting. Or upload photos of your relatives to create a family photo album in a single picture.

* photo realistic effects like those you find in photofunia: put your face onto museum walls,, in a hot off the magazine cover; airbrush yourself on exclusive canvas or leave your face with hot babes.
* Camera – enables you to take a picture and apply various effects by enhancing your standard camera
* Sharing – quickly share with family and friends using BBM, Facebook, Email or any other photo sharing application
* Text over the picture-add your colorful text in different fonts.
*Rotate image horizontal, vertical and flip.

Download Here:

Photo Collage v1.1

Status Shufler for BBM v1.0

An application for all the BBM™ lovers, who like to stay socially active over the BBM™, For those who wish to flaunt their versatility over BBM™.

Status Shufler for BBM

Status Shufler for BBM-1

Status Shufler for BBM-2

Status Shufler for BBM-3


Status shuffler for BBM™ is an application which allows you to shuffle the BBM™ status on a regular basis. With a complete database of over 1000 quotes from the great poets and philosophers, application gives you a complete chance to express your true feelings over BBM™.

You can also add the status to be as your favorite. With various categories, you can select the categories which you wish to shuffle your status from. Not only the selected, status shuffler allows you to add your own status, and you can shuffle them over the time.

With the simplest of the UI, application is good enough to flaunt your magic over BBM™.

* Large Database
* Various Categories
* Favorite Feature
* Custom status

Support Code:

BlackBerry Os V5.0 And Above

Download Here:

Status Shufler for BBM v1.0


APP: Recycle Bin Pro V3.2 [Full Version]

Recycle Bin Pro-

Recycle Bin Pro-1

Recycle Bin Pro-2

Recycle Bin Pro-3

The recycle Bin stores all your deleted E-mails, Contacts, Tasks, Memo and Events in separate tabs. You can easily find your deleted items and then restore them back.

1. Items included in Recycle Bin are: E-mails, Contacts, Tasks, Memo and Events
2. Stores your deleted items safe
3. Restore your items back with a single click
4. Permanently remove item from the recycle bin
5. Option to permanently remove individual or all


Deleted Emails are restored in Drafts folder due to technical limitations. To find your Email go to the particular Email Account Folder and filter the Drafts from selecting – Filter – Drafts from menu options. Other items can be restored as original items.

Download Here:

APP: Recycle Bin Pro V3.2 [Full Version]

TidBits – Popup Viewer for BBM SMS v1.0

TidBits™ lets you preview snippets of incoming BBM™ messages and SMS text messages within any application you’re using!TidBits - Popup Viewer for BBM SMS-PROHP.NETTidBits - Popup Viewer for BBM SMS-1-PROHP.NETTidBits - Popup Viewer for BBM SMS-2-PROHP.NETTidBits - Popup Viewer for BBM SMS-3-PROHP.NET
Sometimes you might not want to see TidBits while you’re playing your favorite game or within other messaging apps – no problem! TidBits lets you customize which apps you don’t want TidBits showing up in.

Other features include:
– Shows the name & profile pic of the person messaging you
– Preview what the TidBits look like
– Disable the application at any time

Download Here:

TidBits – Popup Viewer for BBM SMS v1.0

Doodle Paint Shop Premium v1.3

Turn your phone into a sketch book. Doodle Paint is a versatile drawing tool for your BlackBerry Smartphone to create impressive images using a wide range of tools. You can draw on a plain colored background or an image saved in the gallery and create wonderful graffiti on the touchscreen of your smartphone.

Doodle Paint Shop Premium-PROHP.NET

Key Features:
• Choose from six different brush types.
• Draw on a plain colored background or select your own image.
• Brush mode and Eraser mode.
• Create funny images using distortion effects.
• Set different brush sizes.
• Rotate and Flip your images.
• Make Scribble notes.
• Save and share your drawing with your friends via Email, BBM™, Facebook.

Doodle Paint Shop Premium-1-PROHP.NETDoodle Paint Shop Premium-2-PROHP.NET

Download Here:

Doodle Paint Shop Premium v1.3

EzLinks For BBM [FULL Version]

EZLinks for BBM-PROHPEZLinks for BBM-1-EZLinks for BBM-2-

EZLinks is a simple, yet helpful way to perform common BlackBerry Messenger tasks with the push of a button.

Update your BBM™ Status from ANYWHERE by pressing the Menu button in ANY app!

Show your BBM™ PIN Barcode with a single click, no more need to fumble through menus to find it!


* Requires BlackBerry Messenger 6

* Do a battery-pull after installing

Download Here:

EZLinks For BBM

Message Scheduler and Forwarder v5.0

   Do you miss to call or message because of your busy schedule? Are you looking for an app which will remind you, act on your behalf and perform recurring tasks? You want to be in full control!!!

Message Scheduler and Forwarder-PROHP.NET

Download Message Scheduler and make your life easy. If you are still not convinced of our product, try the Lite (free) version and experience for yourself. Works on all BlackBerry Devices OS 5.0, 6.0, 7.0 and above.

********* Application Features *********

* Ability to schedule directly from native address book, Emails, Dialer, Message app.
* Forward specific/All Incoming SMS to multiple Emails/SMS.
* Full integration with the Native BlackBerry® address book, Call logs.
* Schedule a reply easily from the BlackBerry® SMS and E-mail application.
* Allows specifying multiple recipient numbers and groups.
* Supports daily, weekly, monthly and yearly recurrence.
* Use groups for bulk message scheduling and forwarding.
* Allows scheduling unlimited Sms, Email, Phone Call and Pin messages.
* Allows forwarding your Incoming Sms to share with friends.
* Add template for message forwarding to front and back part.
* Notification alert when message sent or failed.
* Email Signature
* Ability to enable/disable App Auto-start at device start-up
* Import native groups and use them directly
* Export message backup to csv file(can be open using excel)
* Calender integration
* Now can do Hourly schedule
* Schedule for any weekday
* Sort by schedule date, message type and Name/Number
* Create templates and use them in message compose
* Re-schedule sent, cancel and failed message
* Ability to set expiry date for repeat messages.
* All messages are stored in Device memory.
* Create New Groups for Sms, Pin and Email contact.
* View Groups and add Contacts to groups.
* Compose Scheduling for Sms, Email, Phone Call and Pin messages.
* Option to Play ring tone on phone call schedule.
* Add multiple To, CC, Bcc message for Email and pin.
* Add Attachment to Email Messages.
* Choose recipient numbers from the device’s Address Book, Call Logs and Groups.
* View Message history by using Drafts, Sent and Canceled, Outbox Folder.
* Once scheduled SMS delivered, it can be viewed in Send Folder.
* Option to resend, delete canceled, Failed and sent messages.
* User can cancel message, which sends to Cancel Folder, where user can send it again.
* Works with both GSM and CDMA Phones.
* Auto starts when the device is turned on, and then runs in background.
* Option to Stop application working in the background.
* Works on all devices with OS 5 and newer.
Please contact support with any issues or new ideas that you may have.

Message Scheduler and Forwarder-1-PROHP.NETMessage Scheduler and Forwarder-2-PROHP.NETMessage Scheduler and Forwarder-3-PROHP.NET

Download Here:

Message Scheduler and Forwarder v5.0