Module Recycle v1.0 [Full Version ]

Module Recycle

Module Recycle-1

Module Recycle-2

If you feel your phone become slow, maybe it just needs to be cleaned. As we know, Some app are not been completely uninstalled are still stay in your phone. Now with Module Recycle, you could clean your phone conveniently.

Case Study: Run Module Recycle, all the modules of the app installed at your phone will be listed, no modules will be missed, then please select the one you do not use or which was not completely uninstalled, do delete.

1. Could index all modules, even for the ones difficult to find or installed;
2. Completely uninstall, make your phone become fast;
3. Easy to operate, even you are fresh at BlackBerry, no difficult.

To activate the theme after successfully downloading: Navigate to Options – Theme – Select the desired Theme and activate. To uninstall a theme plz delete it in the application list.

Download Here:

Module Recycle v1.0 [Full Version ]

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