Popup for BBM allows you to read your BBM message on the first hand no matter where you are.
This is a very useful and handy tool for those who always using BBM.
No need to quit the application or games when you receive a BBM message.

*Please link your BBM contacts to your phone contacts or add the PIN into the phone contacts to ensure it display the sender name.
*To configure the BBM Popup, you can go to “Help” for some help.

* Either display sender only or display full content
* Changeable received time font color
* Changeable sender font color
* Changeable message font color
* Changeable LED color
* Changeable transparency background
* Changeable display timeout
* Directly reply BBM Message from the popup

Download Here:

How To Take Internal Backup & Restore in BlackBerry® Without Any Application support??

The Most Wanted & Useful Feature is internal Backup and Restore Method, Now Its even more Possible in our next Generation BlackBerry® OS 7.0 likely Called as “Device Switch” cum Internal Backup & Restore. This Feature we already used in our BlackBerry® Desktop Manager and BlackBerry® Protect but Desktop Manager Need PC And BlackBerry® Protect Need Data Plan. Now Its Very Simple To Take Backup and Restore Via Media Card. Onwards Starring From OS’ 7 Handheld to Another 7 handhelds In a Technical manner with highly secured passwords.

* No Need of BlackBerry® Desktop Manager.
* No Need of BlackBerry® Protect.
* No Need of any other 3rd party Apps
* No Need of Data Plan support.
* No Need of Network Supportive

All inneed is to carry a External media card For This “Device switch Data Transfer”In this switching Highlighted Feature!!! What the attire is “We can Take whole Backup & Restore Including BBM™ PIN’s And Groups.

check this Feature in your BlackBerry® OS 7.0 Handhelds

Go Setup —► Device Switch

Simple steps & procedures
To Take Backup:-

1. In BlackBerry® OS 7.0 handheld Go Setup —► Find & Select Device Switch

2. Select Using a Media Card —► select Save data

3. click check Box If you want to take Backup include your Mail’s —► click Continue button

5. create a Password for your Backup File you should give There Password For some security Reason Also Or else you could Not Take Backup so type your Own Password and Take Backup.
This Back file saving path is
Media card —► BlackBerry Folder —►
6. Your Screen will Be shown “saving Data” with processing percentage once it finish your Backup process is Successfully Done

How to Restore From media card:

1.Remove your Media Card and insert it,Another BlackBerry® OS 7
Handheld next Go setup —► Device Switch

2. Select Transfer Data —► Click Continue and type your Backuped File Password to Restore

3. Once Restore Process get’s to be done the Backup file is successfully Completed

Benefits OF Internal Device Switch:
* whole Device Backup in Single Click
* Easy To Understand & Backup
* Time saving
* Highly secure with Password Protect
* Lack Of Annoyness
* No Need Of Peripherals

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