Status Shufler for BBM v1.0

An application for all the BBM™ lovers, who like to stay socially active over the BBM™, For those who wish to flaunt their versatility over BBM™.

Status Shufler for BBM

Status Shufler for BBM-1

Status Shufler for BBM-2

Status Shufler for BBM-3


Status shuffler for BBM™ is an application which allows you to shuffle the BBM™ status on a regular basis. With a complete database of over 1000 quotes from the great poets and philosophers, application gives you a complete chance to express your true feelings over BBM™.

You can also add the status to be as your favorite. With various categories, you can select the categories which you wish to shuffle your status from. Not only the selected, status shuffler allows you to add your own status, and you can shuffle them over the time.

With the simplest of the UI, application is good enough to flaunt your magic over BBM™.

* Large Database
* Various Categories
* Favorite Feature
* Custom status

Support Code:

BlackBerry Os V5.0 And Above

Download Here:

Status Shufler for BBM v1.0


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