APP: Go Reader | Google Reader For BlackBerry®

Go Reader is a Google Reader™ client that allows you to read your Google Reader™ subscriptions on your BlackBerry® device everywhere you go.

Go Reader always stays fully synchronized to your Google Reader™ account.

Reading your Google Reader™ articles on the BlackBerry® has never been so easy.


• Supports multiple accounts
• Access your All Items, Starred Items, Shared Items, a Folder or a Feed for Reading
• Manage subscription Subscribe/Unsubscribe
• Share articles via Google Reader™
• Send articles via Twitter, Facebook and Email
• Mark articles as read Automatic/Manual
• Show articles All Items/Unread Items
• Sort articles Newer First/ Older First
• Swipe Left or Right on a screen to go next or previous article (touch screen devices only)
• Interactive toolbar (touch screen devices only)
• Hover over an article to open a popup for easy changing Star/Like/Share/Read of an article (touch screen devices only W/OS 6)
• Support for Youtube™ videos (display video image and stream video on BlackBerry® Native Browser)
• Manage connection Automatic/Wifi
• Manage connection for images Automatic/Wifi (for limited internet plans)
• Get notified whenever new articles are available
• Optimized for minimum memory and battery usage

Download Here:
Go Reader For BlackBerry OS v5.0

Go Reader For BlackBerry OS v6.0 & 7.0

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