X-Slide To Unlock

Slide is a slider lock that helps you to lock and unlock your BlackBerry® screen. X-Slide prevents any unwanted key press activity, pocket calls and much more. No more worries the battery loss and accidental phone-calls.

* Integrated with device lock button
* Changeable slide label
* Changeable slide label color
* Changeable slide label flash color
* Changeable slide label font family
* Unlock sound
* Unlock while out of holster
* Lock the device when the backlight goes off.
* Lock while on home screen only
* Lock while on phone
* Lock on custom idle timeout
* Display battery as background while charging
* Selectable background – you can use any image or photo on your device as a background image
* Display title bar (Only available for device with OS 6 and above)
* Support Touch-Screen and Non Touch-Screen devices

Software Code:
BlackBerry® Touch & Non Touch OS 5.0 And Above

Download Here:
X-slide OS,5.0 6.0 7.0

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