Empower Threaded SMS

Empower Threaded SMS – SMS Viewer and Composer with SMS Blocker –  Blocks Spam Messages – Integrated Bubble and Classic Themes.

View your SMS chats in threaded conversation with IM style reply. Group conversation by contact instead of a simple list. Express better with real graphic Smileys. Also included with SMS Blocker so that you can block SMS from the person you want. Now no more annoying SMS in your Inbox.Only you will decide who can message you. You can perform blocking on the basis of contact Number and Text.
1. Threaded SMS Style : Now chat in threaded messaging style
2. Integrate with SMS Blocker : Block Unwanted text Message
3. Included with features to custom select Font color of incoming and outgoing Text, bubble color, text size and many more.
4. Now can select custom background for the App.Set any picture as your App home screen
5. Different set of themes to select from.
6. Cute and Beautiful UI
7. Supports all devices 4.6 and above

Note: Empower Threaded SMS is a standalone app that shows SMS in threaded chat style. Please note, your SMS will still continue to come to your native SMS box also. If you want, you can prevent SMS from showing up in the native SMS application by blocking SMS under Options – Security – Firewall.
Note: Threaded SMS notification sound can be set under Sounds Profiles – Set Ring Tones/Alert – Others – Threaded SMS.

Required Device Software
BlackBerry: 4.6 or higher

Download Here:

BlackBerry OS v5.0

BlackBerry OS V6.0 & 7.0

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