PINGR!!! – Send lots of PINGs to a BBM Contact!

Ever had those times when you need to send a lot of PINGs to someone on BBM? You can’t get a hold of them or they’re not replying. Well this is the program for those times. Just enter the number of PINGs you want to send and the program does the rest. Lots of fun for irritating people over BBM. Send them lots of PINGs and make their phones vibrate non-stop!

Important :
Since they have Block the BBM Connected function for this app. Read below instruction on how to use it

01. Launch the PINGR!!! application

02. Then its time to change the setting.

* PING gap (ms) :- You can just leave it as 500
* Number of PINGs :- Its up to you 10 or 50 mybe?

Once all setting is done. Hit the Send PING!!! button and quickly return to BBM and choose the contact you wish to Ping!!! Keep your typing cursor typing space

05. Enjoy!

Download Here:
PINGR!!! For BlackBerry OS V5.0

PINGR!!! For BlackBerry OS V6.0 & 7.0

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