YoMotion Advance Calculator for Our BlackBerry®

yoMotion Advanced Calculator is the finest calculator available for BlackBerry® smartphones. It features an elegant user interface and state-of-the-art number crunching capabilities.

This best-of-class application is a pleasure to use.

Key Features:

– Bright and beautiful easy-to-use interface.
– Tightly integrated with the BlackBerry® smartphone?track ball support, keypad shortcuts, dynamic menus, copy and paste, and more.
– Over 100 different buttons and nine button layouts.
– Fast, easy unit conversion for length, speed, temperature, volume, and weight?over 150 different units supported.
– Five memory locations.
– Full set of trigonometric functions.
– Twenty common constants built-in.
– Copy and paste to other BlackBerry® applications.
– Support for normal, fixed, scientific, and engineering notations.
– Base conversions to and from binary, octal, decimal, and hexadecimal.
– Automatic conversion to scientific notation for displaying large numbers.
– Work in degrees, radians, or gradians.
– Degrees to decimal conversion.
– On-device help.


– Precise: Operations are performed with maximum 63-bit precision and are correctly rounded. More advanced functions have error bounds of a few ULPs.
– 31-bit internal exponent, allowing for numbers from 2.383×10^-323,228,497 to 4.197×10^323,228,496.
– Handles abnormal numbers: While most calculators return  Error  when a user divides -1 by zero, yoMotion Advanced Calculator returns  -Infinity .
– Exhaustive set of over 100 mathematical and scientific functions.
– Cryptographically strong pseudo-random number generator.
– Normal, scientific, fixed, and engineering output formats.

Nine Button Layouts:

– Standard
– Algebra
– Base Converter
– Constants 1
– Constants 2
– Memory
– Stats & Conversions
– Trigonometry 1
– Trigonometry 2

System Requirements:
BlackBerry® OS 5.0 And Above

Download Here:
Yomotion Advance Calculator

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