Scientific calculator Application For Our BlackBerry®

* Here comes a scientific calculator. application for your BlackBerry®.
* This application supports many mathematical functions which are easy to use.
* A perfect companion for all the ones out there who deal with mathematical functions.
* Tough to remember the formulas. What to do? Use this friendly app & get the work done.
* With intuitive User Interface, this is the app you are looking at.

This application supports:

* Trigonometric functions
* Hyperbolic functions
* Inverse Trigonometric functions
* Exponential functions
* Logarithmic functions
* Permutations & Combinations
* Factorials
* Absolute part
* Imaginary & Real parts
* Degree & Radians
* Square root, cube root or nth root.
* Arithmetic operations
* Sigma & pie
* GCD, LCM & Factorization.
* Number conversions & many more.

System Requirements
BlackBerry® OS 5.0 And Above

Download Here:
Scientific Calculator For BlackBerry Non Touch Handheld’s

Scientific Calculator For BlackBerry Touch Handheld’s

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