QR Code Reader And Genarator For our BlackBerry® With BBM

BBM-Connected app!

*Send Barcodes via BBM
*Post Barcodes to your BBM-Profile

QR-Code Reader and Generator. System wide integration through menu!

This is a 2D Barcode Reader and Generator and does not read 1D Product Barcodes. It’s built for sharing data with other smartphone users or on web. Barcode can read and generate data like

4)calendar events
7)text messages

This app will show two icons on your homescreen. One icon is a one-touch barcode scanner and the other icon helps you to generate barcodes and store them as pictures. You can use these barcode pictures on your website, as your profile picture in web applications, etc.

We try hard to keep standards, so the generated barcodes should be readable with every good barcode reader.

***Application Permissions***
This app needs some permissions to work. Why?
In order to scan barcodes, access to the camera is needed.
Also, this app may interact with your browser, addressbook, calendar, maps (GPS!), etc.!
If you decline these permissions, the functionality of this app can not be guaranteed.

system Requirements
BlackBerry® OS 6.0 And Above

Download Here:
Barcode Reader And generator for Our BlackBerry

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