Super Popup – Beautiful E-Mail and SMS Preview Popups For our BlackBerry®

Popup is quite simply the most elegant and beautiful looking popup application available for your smartphone!Super Popup features e-mail and SMS popups display on top of any screen with the full message displayed along with the sender and subject.  E-mails can be marked as read, replied, forwarded and deleted right from the popup.  With SMS with the click of a button you can instantly reply.

Other features include:
1)Auto mark e-mails as read after dismissing the popup.

2)Pop-ups can be set to 3 mode: Interactive, Non-interactive, Interactive on Home Screen. Interactive mode means when a pop-up is displayed the pop-up takes over the input so you can click (or scroll in the case of email and sms previews), clicking it launches the app the pop-up is for. Non-interactive mode the pop-ups will no disrupt anything you are doing, but you cannot click or scroll the pop-up. Interactive on Home Screen, is what it implies, the pop-ups will be interactive on the home screen only and non-interactive in all other apps.

3)Built in animations for e-mail and SMS icons, or use contact pictures.

4)Option to customize the time to display a popup on screen for.

5)Turn on the backlight when a new message arrives.

6)Customize the font size for the message preview.

7)Quick keyboard shortcuts.

Required Device Software:
BlackBerry® OS 5.0 & Above

Download Here:
App-Super Popup Email & SMS Preview Popups

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