One Touch Flashlight application For our BlackBerry®

Torch is a One Touch Flashlight application! Let it brings you light in darkness.

With the Torch application, it only needs one click and it will turn on your BlackBerry Camera Flashlight. To turn off the light, just close the application.

Besides that, Torch is not only a simple flashlight application, it also display battery information, current date and time on the screen to allow users to get information more conveniently especially in case of emergency situation.
It is helpful when you need a bright flashlight in the darkness or any emergency situation when you need a light.

1. Provide you with the brightest light when you need it
2. Use Camera Flashlight, Not Screen Light.
3. Just one click to turn On/Off.
4. Turn on flashlight without time limit.
5. Display battery level and temperature.
6. Date and time are displayed on screen.
7. Simple and easy to use.
8. Low memory/battery resumption.

Torch only works on BlackBerry® smart phones with operational video recorders with flash.

Required Device Software
5.0.0 or Above

Download Here:
One Touch Application For our BlackBerry

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