BlackBerry®Utility Application[Full Version]

Color ID™ LED Color Customizer for Contacts

Know at a glance who’s contacting you with Color ID™!

Assign custom LED colors to SPECIFIC CONTACTS for Email, SMS & Phone Calls! Yellow and Orange for your company colors, Disco for your boyfriend/girlfriend, or maybe Jersey Shore for your party people. It’s totally up to you with over 100 different color combinations!

This FULL version gives you UNLIMITED CUSTOM CONTACTS for specific colors and dedicated tech support!

Syncing with your BlackBerry® Address Book is easy! Go into your Contacts list, highlight the contact you want to add and hit the BlackBerry® menu button – select “Add to Color ID” and you’re set!

Professional UI, functionality and previews by BlackBerry® professionals

Updates are FREE and encouraged! Please contact us if you have any questions or issues

Working OS 4.6 And Above

Download Here:
Color ID LED Color Customizer For Contacts

[Automatic Keylock for Our BlackBerry® Handheld]

Keylocker is an application that helps you to lock device’s keyboard automatically when the backlight is off.

Keylocker is useful and can prevent unwanted key press activity.

Besides that, keylocker is totally convenient for you as you do not require to press key to lock your keypad.

Full Features :

Enable you to lock BlackBerry keypad AUTOMATICALLY without press any key.

Different time to Lock.

Automatically starts up when your BlackBerry® is switched on.

Makes you more convenient and does not affect your BlackBerry® processing.

Support all BlackBerry from OS 5.0 to OS 7.0

All update versions will be FREE  No additional hardware needed.

Low memory consumption

Download Here:

Keylocker [Automatic Key Lock For our BlackBerry]

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