Slide to Unlock with Weather News Application for BlackBerry® Touch Screen Devices

Have you ever felt frustrated when you have locked your BlackBerry® before putting into your pocket or handbag and yet your BlackBerry® still becomes unlocked and accidentally dialed somebody, activated some apps and even awoken from sleep mode thus draining your battery?
bLOC for BlackBerry® is a specially designed screen lock application that is not only functional to solve this problem, but also user friendly, stylish, and with multiple widgets to provide informative information at your fingertips without even activating any apps.

bLOC is designed to be energy efficient and doesn’t drain your battery like some other application does. bLOC actually saves your battery instead by putting your phone to sleep mode when it is inadvertently activated in your pocket.

Widgets Available: Weather Widget, Clock Widget, Facebook Widget, RSS Reader Widget, Calendar Widget, Gold Prices Widget, Quote-of-the-Day Widget

Install this app full touch Handheld only

System Requirements:
BlackBerry® OS 5.0,6.0,7.0

Download Here:

Slide To Unlock with Weather News

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