Leaked BlackBerry Desktop Software – No Keycode Needed


Some of the OSBB members got an email this morning letting them know that a new BlackBerry Desktop Software was available for download for PC users in the Beta Zone. The email is a bit late,  as the new Desktop Software has been available since the 18th, but we can all forgive RIM for that, right?

Hit the jump for more info and a download link.

The release notes let us know that this release fixes a whole host of issues, from errors restoring data to errors uninstalling Desktop Software in Vista. Quite naturally, it also brings some new problems. For a full overview, you can download the Release Notes And Known Issues List.

Unfortunately, RIM limits access to the installer in two ways. First, not everyone gets invited to the beta (and some people can’t even register for the Beta Zone). Second, RIM requires a keycode to access the installer.

The first of those two obsticles is easy to overcome; someone leaks the installer. The second issue would be trickier, or perhaps even impossible, except that RIM does a very silly thing in the packaging of the installer. I won’t go into details (because if RIM changes it these leaks won’t be possible), but what they do gives you access to a stock RIM Desktop Manager Installation package that doesn’t require a keycode.

Before you download, do take warning that this is a Beta product. It might not work for you (I myself have only tested it on Windows 7 x64) and, as a beta, it almost certainly will contain bugs.

That being said, for those of us who want to install BlackBerry Desktop Software without needing a keycode

You can also download the USER GUIDE

Download Here:

BlackBerry Desktop Software


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