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Mp3 RingTone Creator

Easily create your own Ringtones directly from your BlackBerry®.


• Simply choose a song, select a starting point and save your new Ringtone file

• Advanced users can also set the end point if desired

• Provides the ability to add a fade in, fade out effect to your Ringtone

• Increase or decrease the actual Ringtone volume when needed

• This software could be used to create alert sounds as well

• Use any songs stored in your BlackBerry® or on a media card to create your Ringtones

• Ringtones can be stored on your BlackBerry® or media card

• No computer software is required

• No subscription or monthly fees

• Only MP3 files are supported

• Does not come with any songs

Download Here:

Mp3 Ringtone Creator

Pattern Lock for BlackBerry

PatternLock offers a new and fun way for you to lock your touchscreen BlackBerry®. Before using PatternLock, you define your lock pattern. The next time you see the lock screen, you trace your finger in the pattern you drew before and your device will unlock. Any other pattern and in any other order will not unlock the device. The full version of PatternLock can lock individual applications, the call screen, and the whole device. This is the most feature rich lock application available today with options that range from notification icons, integration with weather apps, security features (such as password protecting your options), and tons of customization options.

The  version only offers three options:
– Choose your pattern
– Autolock on startup
– Autolock on device inactivity


      REMEMBER YOUR PATTERN! To use many PatternLock features, you must disable the built in BlackBerry® automatic password lock. For maximum security, you should use the built in BlackBerry® password lock.


It Is a Full Version Not Trial Version With BlackBerry os 7.0 Support

Download Here:

Pattern Lock

AutoText Backup

  • Total AutoText : this to display the number of existing AutoText in handheld
  • Delete : delete all existing AutoText in handhelds, not including backup file
  • Backup : backup all existing AutoText on the handheld into a single file that is stored in the memory card (AutoTextBackup.dat)
  • Restore : Restore the backup to a handheld AutoText

Supported Models:
All Devices with
OS 4.2 & higher

Download Here:

AutoText Backup

Event Log Clear

Event Log Auto Clear,

BlackBerry EventLog: is the new tool, for your BlackBerry. With the same you can eliminate the tedious keystrokes to access the system event, as you can perform manual deletion by simply using this application. Fast and Secure.

Automatically Clears the BlackBerry System Event Log Every Hour.
Touch ScreenUSERS:
Please make sure to disable compatibility mode in
Options->Advanced Options->Applications-> EventLog -> Menu -> Disable Compatibility Mode.

  • Clear your EventLog (System).
  • Open your EventLog.
  • Automatically Clears the BlackBerry System Event Log Every Hour
  • Do not take up much space
  • Friendly Interface and Easy to use.
  • In future releases: Auto-Erase.
 Supported Models
For OS 4.2.1 & higher

Download Here:

Event Log Clear

Card Cleaner

The Mem0ry Card Clean3r is a fast and easy to use application that was developed in order to free up mem0ry card space by deleting or moving large files.
If you need to quickly free up space on your mem0ry sd-card, your best bet is to start deleting the large files right away. However, don’t waste time guessing as to what they are, there are easy ways to inventory as to what is clogging up your memory card. The Mem0ry Card Cl3aner maps your mem0ry card usage so that you can gain a bird’s-eye view of what’s taking up most of your coveted card space.

The Mem0ry Card Cl3aner displays your disk usage in a color-coded map that shows exactly what file types and folders are taking up the most space on your memory card. Select the files and then delete them or move them to another mem0ry sd-card.

Supported Devices:
All Devices
OS 4.3 and Higher

Download Here:

Card Cleaner

“4Shared” App for our BlackBerry
(online Data storage application) up to 10GB FREE!!!

Buzz Me: Vibrat & Ringing Together

“4Shared” App for our BlackBerry
(online Data storage application) up to 10GB FREE!!!

With 4shared mobile for Blackberry you get instant access to your data at 4shared account. You can manage your data and make any files mobile anytime and from anywhere.
User experience
1. Easy to use UI without any complicated settings and time-wasting functions. The user interface is designed in a simple way. Just two tabs. Your 4shared web account tab and mobile phone tab.
2. Easy upload allows to upload the files from your phone directly to your 4shared web account.
3. Easy download from your 4shared web account gives opportunity to view and manage your files on your mobile phone.

Data accessibility 24/7Feel free to access all your data stored on the web anytime, from anywhere.Faster & better data sharingAfter installing 4shared App for mobile phones to your personal phone you can upload files from your phone directly to you 4shared web account. Free your phone space and share files with your web community anytime.
Data processing made easy
Feel free to create, rename, group and delete folders on 4shared web account directly through your phone. Download files from 4shared web account and work with it when needed.

OTA Download

4Shared APP


BuzzMe is a clever application that lets your phone ring and vibrate at the same time when receiving incoming calls. Used in over hundreds of thousands of Blackberry phones worldwide its the market leader in controlling your phone vibration.

To make best use of BuzzMe be sure to change your profile alert to Tone Only in Profiles -> Advanced -> Select Profile -> Phone -> set in holster and out of holster to Tone.

On some phones using the Loud profile can affect the way BuzzMe works on incoming calls. We recommend setting the profile to Normal, or other standard Profile types.

Go Pro!

If you want to do more on your Blackberry including:

– controlling vibration for SMS and MMS messages,
– controlling vibration for incoming emails
– setting the length of vibration for each service type
– “Facedown Vibration control and Facedown Notifications” mode on the Blackberry Storm With Facedown Vibration control and Facedown Notifications you can set how you like have your phone vibrate when set facedown – and just turn your phone over to turn vibration off.

BuzzMe Pro also includes the option to auto-start the application after you reboot your phone to make it easy to say buzzing!

Download Here:

Buzz Me

Shrinkit For BlackBerry: Image Resizer


  • Downsize your picture in 4 modes of screen resolution (ShrinkIt1:2, 640w, 480w, and 320w).
  • Option to select downsized picture quality.
  • Add-on option to Media/Picture for easy to use.

Download Here:

Shrinkit Image Resizer

Taskify: Mail To Task

Atomichelix Taskify! for BlackBerry

‘Atomichelix Taskify! for BlackBerry’ is a small add-on program that enables the menu item ‘Save as Task’ in the default mail program. The option appears in both the list screen menu and the view email menu and the created tasks are immediately in the ‘To Do’ list

Download Here:

‘Atomichelix Taskify!


SoftReset is an application that allows you to easily soft reset your BlackBerry without having to take the battery out.

Here’s how it works:

1. Install SoftReset.
2. To reset, run the application and click the big Reset button. Then, choose Reset Now when prompted.

Download Here:


Files Any Where App

Now you can view, share and manage your remote files directly from your BlackBerry enabled phone. Upload your photos and contacts, and upload any files or manage, share, email and fax files wherever you go

  • Automatic Login.
  • View FilesAnywhere folders and files, including photos, videos, documents, spreadsheets and more.
  • Upload files from your BlackBerry phone, including your photos and contacts.
  • Share your files or folders to any email address or contact in your phone, with no downloading and no email attachment!
  • Instantly access folders shared to you from other FilesAnywhere users.
  • Download files from your FilesAnywhere account to your BlackBerry
  • Manage your FilesAnywhere account from your BlackBerry, including New Folder, Rename, Delete, Move, Copy and View Properties.
  • Send Faxes to any fax machine in the World directly from your BlackBerry phone, using your FilesAnywhere account.
  • We Can Store Data Up To Free Limit 1 GB . if you need More Memory Need Buy and Expand

Download Here:

Files Any Where App



Very simple app to test your BlackBerry wireless connection speed reliably An

Download Here:

BlackBerry Speed Test

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